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โปรโมชั่นช่วงนี้ :

Brooch making machine, economical, lightweight model.


A single machine can be used with All normal sizes

Changing the mole is easy, just pull it out, no mess.


Can be used with circle size 2.5/3.2/3.7/4.4/5.8/6.5/7.5 cm.

Rectangular size 3.7*3.7 and 4*6 cm. Oval 4.5*7 cm.

(ฟรีโมล 1 ขนาด พร้อมอะไหล่ 100 ชิ้น) 10,000 บาท

Brooch making machine

There are 2nd hand brooch making machines for sale here.


For moles of circular size

ราคาชุดละ 4,500 บาท

Brooch mole

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